Oasis Estate, Gacuriro

Starting Price$50,000

The Oasis Estate is located in a prime residential area of Gacuriro. It’s neighboring Nyarutarama and Gisozi, near various hotels, schools, restaurants, and the upcoming Simba Center, as well as Vision 2020 and Vision City Estates.

Oasis has two access roads, the central upper road has direct access to Umucyo Estate, and the lower road is off KG 14 Ave.


  • Village: Urugarama
  • Cell: Gacuriro
  • Sector: Kinyinya
  • District: Gasabo
  • Province: City of Kigali
  • Country: Rwanda


  • Vision City, Vision 2020, Umucyo Park
  • Kigali Golf Course and Club
  • MTN Center (Banking, Shopping, etc)
  • Brioche, Bourbon Coffee, Haute Baso
  • Green Hills, KICS, Kigali International Community School, Acorns International, ISK, FGS