Ubuturo Unveils a Brand New Identity

Meet the new and improved African Real Estate Co (ARE)

We’ve worked hard over the last few months to develop a new, more cohesive, stylish brand identity. We’ve changed our name and updated our look to provide a simplistic vibrant design. This new look reflects the company’s vision of becoming the go-to platform for everything related to African real estate.

Ubuturo rebrands with a new identity.

While this is a significant change, our core values remain the same. We will continue to be that platform that connects African property to the worldwide market.

We shall also focus more on real estate insights, analysis, and the investor market.

We are rebranding with a fresh look for our website, visuals and logo. These include various elements for both desktop and mobile devices. We’ve gone for warm, vibrant colours that bring a fresh look. And this is precisely who we are at African Real Estate.

Providing simple but innovative and practical solutions to the real estate industry.

The rebranding idea started from an essential vision to rebuild the Ubuturo web platform.

With the platform revamp, the resolve to rebrand came to light. Since we were rebuilding the site, we felt, we might as well rebrand our overall identity. 

Our Australian technical partner, MRK Development, built the new ARE platform. As well as the redesign of the logo and visual identity.

The strategic decision to rebuild our platform and rebrand our identity places us in a position where we will efficiently handle the expected traffic flow and effective data management and remain relevant.

Some of the reasons behind the rebranding;

  • Simplicity is said to be the ultimate elegance and sophistication. Our simple new identity is elegant, appealing to the eye, functional and warm, adding to a great user experience.
  • Our new name is easily recognisable and reflects the fact that we aim to cover African real estate,
  • With the new rebranding, we are positioning ourselves as a go-to source for real estate investments, analysis and resources.

We are happy to share more about the opportunities available with us soon. In the spirit of rebranding, we will continue to deliver the same or better level of service you have come to expect. 

We want to thank you for your continued support throughout this journey. And we look forward to working together with you. In the meantime, you can get in touch with us online at African Real Estate or by email at ronnie@africanrealestate.co

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